WhatsApp accounts will eventually be deleted?

What will happen to WhatsApp users if they do not agree to the new terms and until May 15, 2021?

WhatsApp owned by Facebook introduced a banner to its users in January 2021 informing them of certain changes to the terms and privacy policy. The youth they ask you to accept a new exchange agreement with Facebook.

The initial deadline was set for February 8, 2021. Facebook decided to extend the deadline until May 15, 2021 as there was a lot of reaction from users around the world and the story came out in the media.

One question that remained unanswered was what would happen to WhatsApp users who would not agree to the new terms and privacy policy until then. Would their accounts be deleted immediately?

Its FAQ help provides answers to the question. According to the FAQ, WhatsApp will not delete him that day.

WhatsApp will be able to be used with limited functionality if one does not agree to the new terms and privacy policy by March 15, 2021. Users will be able to “receive and ” but “they will not be able to read or send messages”.
The inactive user policy applies to WhatsApp users who do not comply with the new terms and privacy policy. The policy set out on this page deletes accounts after 120 days of inactivity. The local data stored on the device before deleting the account will be displayed again when users sign up again with the same device.

WhatsApp users must export their chat history before May 15, 2021. It is unclear if this option will continue to be enabled for users who do not agree to the terms after the deadline.

Competitive chat services such as Telegram have added options for importing conversations from Whatsapp application.

WhatsApp users who do not want to accept the new terms and the privacy policy should get their data before May 15, 2021 to be safe.

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