Google Activities in Greece Questions-Answers with Julian #Assange

What is Google doing in Greece? On September 15, 2014, Julian Assange performed a "Ask me Anything" at Reddit in the context of the presentation of his book “When Google Met WikiLeaks. "

I asked a question and I got an answer that I would like to share for the benefit of politicians, businesspeople and consumers of Google products that are likely to come into contact with this multinational company in Greece.
Julian Assange's book reveals the close relationship between the US government and Google. Below, his answer leaves no doubt about the intentions of the dark company, making Google's parallelism as a "Hamelin rifle" informant for a US defense contractor like, for example, SAIC (now called Leidos).



Pied Piper googleGoogle as Hamelin's Piper (or magic flute as it is known in Greece) for the US defense contractor SAIC

Question (greekemmy): Today 15 September, Greek Minister Dendia (currently in the Ministry of Development, previously in the Ministry of Public Order) met with Glasgow executives Nicklas Lundblad, Director of the EU Relations Department, and Dionysis Kolokotsa, Director of the Public Policy Department of Google to "improve the business environment and the company's participation in Greece." In the book "When Google met WikiLeaks" it is stated that (p21) "Google's president can conduct, in one way or another, diplomacy from underground cannabis "For the release of the GiFiles (F22) and the Google Ideas project," oppressive societies "," they do things the CIA can not do ... "
Considering that your book exposes the political character and strategy of this company, what will be the challenges of politicians in a small country like Greece when they come face to face with a corporate giant such as Gogle, and what could be the importance for Google's increased engagement geopolitically.

Julian Assange: Your recognition of what this visit means is exactly what I was hoping for. People just look at what they are, and when their representatives appear in Greece or somewhere else instead of being considered as polite wizards with cash-filled hats, they are better understood in the same way as a pied piper informant Hamilin's rifle) of a company like SAIC.

Posted on 27 January 2015 by his girlfriend greekemmy

We thank greekemmy for translation interventions and why we drew attention to this text.



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