Who's Down: Make an appointment with your friends

Google has released an application called Who's Down that helps users make plans along with their friends.

google who's down

The Microsoft Garage team has recently developed some experimental applications. He had released one of them in July called Tossup and did about the same thing. Now it seems that Google has envied and started creating and running an app with the name Who's Down, which runs on iOS and Android and allows users to group discussions and plan more in the evening to find their real life.

Upon opening the application, the user greeted his friends and essentially states that he is available for "a walk". After this step, the user can go to see what are the plans of his friends for walks so far and start talking to them through the application itself. Other friends who are also available may well be added to these conversations. Each session for where you will be with your friends lasts three hours and then is deleted.

You can download the iOS and Android app from iTunes Store and Google Play Store respectively. You need an invitation from a friend to create an account. You can now ask the manufacturer to send you an invitation. Users after registering can invite their friends to use it.

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