Why an iCar would be a great realizable idea for Apple


Yes, I know many of you and together we are waiting for Apple what Steve Jobs has been teaching us for so many years, the next big thing. In fact, we are not just us, as we have mentioned in many of our articles that one of the reasons why Apple's share has gone down is the fact that Apple's shareholders are also excited about something similar.

The lights have fallen into two devices, iTv and recently iWatch both though when ever implemented they will be innovative and will redefine each one in its own way the industry they belong to.

But what about an iCar? Does it belong to the sphere of imagination? Is it something that Apple would never do?

The answer is that Steve Jobs himself just before dying had revealed one of his noble cravings and was no more than creating a car with the Apple logo.

Yes, only Cupertino's crazy ones could have imagined that, but as you will see below, this is not unlikely to happen, and indeed it would be a great idea for Apple and we'll explain why.

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Apple is therefore a computer company, not just an electronics company, but it is not the perfect definition. Apple is definitely a company that in its DNA flows the air of modernity and the solution and the reconfiguration of compatible daily consumer needs.

That's what Apple does better than any other company. From the time of the first Mac to the current iPad Mini iPad Mini, the Cupertino team gave breath to industries that had become boring or dysfunctional and set new freedoms for people with its products.

Is the car industry monolithic and boring or dysfunctional? The answer is yes! And if you find me crazy see the latest models of conventional cars and their differences or their novices and you will understand what I mean.

But Apple can do it in such an industry? If we think we will see how a car company is made up of design, computers and user interfaces, material engineering and the ability and experience of mass production. In other words, Apple is already getting excellent in all of this and has years of experience with unique people in every field and a unique human chemistry.

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It also now has the money or the capital if you prefer. In fact, she has so much that she could easily buy Ford, Chrysler and GM and have money left in the coffers. And beware she can buy them all with cash from her coffers!

So if Apple enters this space it will do so comfortably and will probably acquire a company but what will it be? The name is one and it sounds like Tesla Motors. A company with luxury electric cars with great experience, but now intends to target the consumer and produce models at prices no higher than $ 30,000.

Tesla Motors is Apple in terms of design and ideas of the automotive industry at the moment and with the involvement of Apple its cars could be unique in every sense of the word. Apple, on the other hand, would do a huge next big thing and redefine an industry that has stagnated.

So do not be surprised if at some point this happens and one of Steve Jobs's greatest dreams come true.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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