Why you need to delete cookies before signing in to Google or Facebook

Each time you use Google or Facebook without being logged in to your account, cookies are stored on your local system.

They are anonymous but even they reveal information about your navigation habits to the service that sent them to you.cookies

Η Google for example, knows what you've been looking for, but can not link the information to you as a person. Keep in mind that the company says in its privacy policy that it uses anonymous identifiers.

The same applies to Facebook who can record the websites you visit from their Facebook widgets but can not link the information to your account.

If you decide to sign in to an account after browsing anonymously, all previous "anonymous" activities will be recorded in the account you used to sign in. This is because Google and Facebook use the same root domain cookie to track anonymous and logged in users.

For example, Google may know that you visited iGuRu.gr even if you are certain that you were looking for it while you were not logged into a Google account before accessing our site. The same applies to Facebook who knows which sites you visit if they use widgets, apis or other items from Google or Facebook domains.

This basically means that the data that these companies collect for you is anonymous only if you have not entered When to an account from these websites, block all applications by third parties of these companies by default, or delete the cookies that they have stored on your computer regularly and specifically before you sign in or before you leave your account.

The first option sounds pretty easy. You can use two different browsers for it, or use private browsing but also normal using a single browser.

Blocking third-party requests can be done by using add-ons, such as NoScript for Firefox or Scriptsafe for Chrome.

Deleting cokies also requires add-ons. While you can configure the web browsers you use to delete cookies when you exit automatically. You can also delete them yourself (Firefox, Chrome), but it is quite time consuming.

You can also use an extension for Firefox, such as Firefox Self-Destructing Cookies to delete your cookies as soon as you leave the site that has them stored on your computer.

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Please note that this also applies to other companies and services, but often to a lesser extent than Google and Facebook as the two sites are very popular on the Internet.

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