Easily find your Wi-Fi password

Your computer is connected to a Wi-Fi network, but you don't remember the password you used to connect. You may have forgotten your password or your network administrator may have written it directly without revealing your password.

But you want to connect a second device, like your mobile phone, to the same WiFi network. How can you learn the password?Wi-Fi

Of course you can ask the administrator, but you can also find it from the command line on your computer. The following technique works on Mac and Mac computers Windows.

Find your Wi-Fi password in Windows

Open the command prompt in admin mode. Type "cmd" in the search, and right-click on the command line icon. Select Run as administrator. Now type the following command and press enter to see the WiFi password.

netsh wlan show profile name=iguru key=clear

You need to replace the iguru with your wireless SSID name (it is the name that the Wi-Fi network you are connecting to your computer is showing). The password will appear in the Security Setting section in plain text.

If you want to see only the password and not the other information, use the findstr command:

netsh wlan show profile name=iguru key=clear | findstr Key

If you do not see your WiFi password, you may not have opened the command-line window as an administrator

Show your Wi-Fi password on MacOS devices

Mac OS X uses the Keychain to store WiFi information, and we can use the BSD "security" command to investigate anything stored on the Keychain, including the Wi-Fi password. See how:

Open Spotlight (Cmd + Space) and type a terminal to open a window.

At the command prompt, type the following command (replace the name with the WiFi name), and then type the Mac user name and password to access the MacOS Keychain. The Wi-Fi network password will appear on your screen in plain text.

security find-generic-password -wa iguru

Find your Wi-Fi password on Linux

Once again, replace the iguru with the name (SSID) of your network. The value of the psk field is the WiFi password.

sudo cat /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/iguru | grep psk=

If you do not know the network name, use the following command.

sudo grep psk= /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/*

The command will show you both the network name and the password in plain text.

Launch WLAN AutoConfig (Wlansvc service)

If you use this technique to recover your WiFi password on a Windows computer, you get an error that says "Wireless AutoConfig Service (wlansvc) is not running" or "The Wireless AutoConfig Service (wlansvc) is not running" below you will find a simple solution:

Type run in the search and open the window. Type "services.msc" in the RUN box to access Windows services.

Find the Autoconfig WLAN service and make sure its status is in Running. Otherwise, right-click WLAN AutoConfig, select Properties and go to Properties. Check all Dependencies to make sure everything works.

That's it!

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