Widevinedump download movies from Netflix, Prime, Disney + etc.

A GitHub user has released scripts that allow anyone to download video content from many popular streaming platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney +.


The repositories, were created by Widevinedump, and the scripts are free to download and use. But there are some limitations, especially with the CDM (Content Decryption Module) which seems to be missing from the code. This of course limits the use of these scripts, as the content they download remains encrypted. The owner of the Widevinedump repository asks users to send him an email to activate the locked content, for an unspecified amount of money.

The following services are supported:


Many web streaming services use Google's Widevine DRM technology to protect their downloaded content. Technology supports different levels, which streaming services can set for the security of their content. Most browsers support Widevine.

The scripts mentioned above seem to work, but their use could lead to account blocking or suing users by streaming companies.

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