WiFi Analyzer for Windows

If you use Wi-Fi in your home, you are more likely to experience communication problems and poor connectivity. It is one of the most common problems when using wireless communication. That's why you need a tool like WiFi Analyzer.

wi fi analyzer

WiFi Analyzer is a free tool that does exactly what its name implies: Analyzes your network Wi-Fi to see if your wireless channel is interfering with other nearby Wi-Fi networks. And vice versa. If, that is, the neighbors fall on your signal.

A few techniques:
The Wi-Fi wireless signal cannot transmit at any frequency you want. The transmission frequencies are specified and are between 2,4GHz and 2,5GHz. Recently, the frequency of 5GHz has been added. WiFi essentially works with radio waves, such as radio, television, mobile network, etc.

Just as you hear noise on the radio when one station falls on top of another, so on Wi-Fi if neighbors are all tuned in to a certain frequency it will have a lot of noise. Especially if you live in a densely populated area of ​​a city.


Wi-Fi frequencies are all 14 and together with the latest 5GHz they are a total of 15. These defined frequencies are called channels. Each channel is 5MHz away. So channel 1 has a frequency of 2.412MHz, channel 2 has a frequency of 2.417MHz and so on.

Channel 13 has a frequency of 2.472MHz and the last channel in the range of 2,5GHz is channel 14 with a frequency of 2.484MHz, which is not available on most routers, as it is banned in some countries.

Routers are preset to automatically select a broadcast channel and usually choose the one with the least traffic in the room they are in. In the adjoining bedroom, however, this frequency may be problematic from the neighbor's router.

Back to the program:
Once the WiFi Analyzer is running, it will show you the broadcast channel of each Wi-Fi it catches and suggest a setting for your own channel. Choosing the right frequency can greatly increase the speed and reliability of your Wi-Fi.

The basic version is ad-free and additional features can be purchased through in-app purchase. With WiFi Analyzer you can not only see all the networks around you that could affect your connection, you can also find out detailed information about the router / access point (eg manufacturer, security, type) and find the ideal place for your router.

wi fi analyzer 2

The program shows you the movement of your area in a graphic way so that it is easily understood. Each network always has the same color, so you know what yours looks like compared to the rest.

Requires Windows 10 or 11, and any architecture. So it only runs on a computer, tablet or laptop. An app with the same name for Android phones, and that does a similar job, is from a completely different manufacturer.

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