Create a report for your WiFi in Windows 10

The include the ability to create a history report of your WiFi connection. This report has interesting details about the networks your PC connected to, along with session duration, session start and end, errors and so on. Let's see how you can create this report.

To create a record of your WiFi connection history, do the following.

Step 1. Open a new one command line with administrator privileges.
Step 2. Type or copy-paste the following command:

netsh wlan show wlanreport

Step 3. The report will be saved in ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WlanReport folder. Two files will be created: the wlan--latest.html and wlan-report-“simerini_imerominia”.html. To view the report, go to the ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WlanReport folder.

Step 4. Open the "WLAN-report-latest.html" file to view it with your default web browser.

The report includes a number of sections, including system, user, network adapters, followed by a list of some embedded Windows tools such as ipconfig, netsh, etc.

The system module ( System Info) contains some general information about your computer.

The User Info section contains the current username and the username .

The Network Adapters section lists all the physical and virtual network adapters on your computer.

At the end of the section, there is a summary that states statistics, including the reasons for the disconnection WiFi.

The "Wireless Sessions" section contains more details about each connection. This report is very useful when you want to test your wireless network usage in Windows 10 or troubleshoot connection.

The report produced by the built-in netsh tool. It is a command-line utility that allows changing many network-related parameters. Except wireless of the network, netsh allows a wide range of maintenance tasks to be performed. With netsh you can enable or disable Discovery Network, reset network connection, change DNS server and more. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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