WiFiBroot: Wi-Fi Pentest Cracking Tool [WPA / WPA2]

The WiFiBroot is a breaking tool Wi-Fi open source that has the ability to break networks Wi-Fi based on security WPA / WPA2.

The tool is versatile and can be used to perform certain attacks on a wireless network. Since most wireless networks depend on security authentication WPA and WPA2, this tool has proven to be very useful.

It is written in python and has extensive features that make it very effective in bypassing WPA / WPA2.

WiFiBroot: Wi-Fi Cracking Tool for WPA/WPA2 [Handshake, PMKID, Cracking, EAPOL, Deauthentication]

The WiFiBroot can be used to carry out hacking attacks on WiFi and offline, depending on Scapy, a packet manipulation python library.

It provides 4 ways you can choose, depending on the function you want, you can break the saved hashes when you are offline or develop a real-time web attack.

The tool also uses it in such a way that you can determine the type of attack being executed each time.

The WiFiBroot is known to perform authentication attacks, PMKID, handshake and EAPOLS. Because the tool gathers information before launching an attack, all attacks take place in a very short time.


  • Works in Verbose mode
  • It has a wireless sniffer
  • Automatically disconnects frames
  • It has a directory for storing handshakes
  • Automatically detects EAPOL
  • Fast WPA and WPA2 cracking
  • Performs offline Cracking

Supported platforms



Scapy <= 2.4.0


$ sudo pip3 install scapy == 2.4.0

$ git clone https://github.com/hash3liZer/WiFiBroot.git


$ sudo python wifibroot.py -h

Application snapshots

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