Wiki Loves Earth photography contest in Greece

The Wiki Loves Earth is a photography and content contribution contest, addressed to photographers (amateurs and non-artists) who will photograph monuments of ς και προστατευόμενους τόπους στην Ελλάδα και θα ανεβάσουν τις φωτογραφίες με ελεύθερη χρήσης στην Wikipedia Particularly in the repository of images Wikimedia Commons.Wiki Loves Earth

The contest aims:

  • to update and enrich web-based projects supported by the Wikimedia Foundation, such as Wikipedia, with photos of natural monuments and protected areas on the territory of Greece
  • in the creation of images for a large number of natural monuments and protected areas in Greece, which can be freely used by all interested natural and legal persons.

With free license, photos become the property of humanity - they can be used by anyone for any purpose, as long as the photographer and the source from which the photo was acquired are mentioned.


Everyone can participate in the "Wiki Loves Earth" contest. To take part, you'll need to join Wikimedia Commons – a sister project – find in the list of places a place that is close to you or that interests you, take a photo and upload the photos to Wikimedia Commons. The photos you upload must be your own creations and not those of third parties.

Terms of participation

  1. Μπορείτε να υποβάλετε φωτογραφίες που τραβήξατε πρόσφατα ή που έχετε τραβήξει κατά το παρελθόν. Αυτό που έχει σημασία είναι ότι οι φωτογραφίες πρέπει να ανεβούν κατά τη διάρκεια της περιόδου του διαγωνισμού. Ο διαγωνισμός αρχίζει την 1η Μαΐου (00:01 Greek time) and ends on May 31, 2017 (23:59 Greek time).
  2. All entries must be original photos submitted by their own creator. Photographs submitted by anyone other than the photographer (even with his / her permission) are not accepted.
  3. Everyone and everyone except the members of WMUG Greece and members of the jury can participate in the competition.
  4. Photos must be published with Free license, preferably under the terms of the CC BY-SA license.
  5. Each contestant can submit as many photos as he likes.
  6. Κάθε φωτογραφία πρέπει να απεικονίζει μια συγκεκριμένη φυσική προστατευόμενη from the concerned List of regions. Photographs of remarkable representative species (animals, plants, etc.) taken in an eligible area are allowed, provided the species and area have been correctly identified.
  7. Each photo should have a resolution of at least 2 megapixels. Photographs taken with black and white film or scanned photos are allowed (for older photos taken with film and if they have been scanned with the corresponding resolution).
  8. Each contestant must, in their Wikimedia Commons account preferences, declare an active one email and enable receiving email so that they can be contacted if they win a prize.
  9. Cash and / or other prizes may be received by the end of October 2017.

The best photos will be selected by jury until the end of July 2017. Each photo will be judged on the basis of its technical excellence, its value in terms of the place or object of the environment it impresses / highlights, and its value for the Illustrator Illustration in Wikipedia. The award ceremony will take place in the autumn of 2017.

After the first places in the Greek competition, the winning photos will be promoted to the international competition part of the competition Wiki Loves Earth.

Areas included in the competition

The popular areas in Greece extend to the entire area as National Parks and Forests, Preserved Monuments of Nature, wetlands and other protected areas. All regions are included in the competition list Nature 2000, whose area covers a large part of Greece and provides a large part of the population with the opportunity to access a nearby contest site. In practice, anyone can take part in the competition without having to travel more than 30 km from an urban center to find themselves in a protected area, and is likely to live much closer to one of them.

The list of regions included in the competition is located on this page.

It is necessary with each photo you upload to fill in the relevant field της περιοχής όπου λήφθηκε η φωτογραφία. Όταν ανεβάζετε φωτογραφίες ακολουθώντας το σύνδεσμο από τον κατάλογο περιοχών, ο κωδικός συμπληρώνεται αυτόματα.


Here are some examples of photos that have taken part in previous events in other countries already in the repository The contest requires interested parties to participate in the competition with such images.

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