Wiki Loves Monuments 2018 in Greece

Wiki Loves Monuments is an international photography contest for cultural heritage monuments, organized by Wikimedia apps and groups of users. Wiki Loves Monuments

2010 was first organized in the Netherlands, followed by the Europe-wide 2011 event.

Wiki Love Monuments 2012 was organized worldwide and took place many countries around the world, such as Canada, Chile, India, Panama, Ghana, the Philippines, Russia, South Africa and the United States. From 2016, Wiki Loves Monuments is also hosted in Greece.

The aim of the contest is to ask the general public, readers and users of Wikipedia, photographers, hobbyists, etc. to take photos of cultural heritage monuments and upload them to Wikimedia Commons for use on Wikipedia. Examples of desirable photos can be found in the winners 2016 and 2017, the winners of the international competition (2017), but also the winners of all international competitions of 2017.

Read more about how to participate in the photo contest at rules, learn about them Awards, dissolve them questions you see the contest sites and their code in the list monuments and sites . If you upload your photos through the relevant catalog selection, several items will be automatically filled in.

Wiki Loves Monuments Simple instructions

  1. Subscribe to Commons or, if you already have an account, συνδεθείτε.
  2. Find him a list of monuments for Greece.
  3. Upload your photos.
  4. In the field Monument code the code in the list must be filled in. By following the "Upload" link from the a list of monuments, the code is completed automatically.


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