Wikileaks: Greece's Cold Vineyard and Europe for the CIA

CIA spies travel to European countries - including Greece - with absolutely no obstacles, according to secret documents obtained by the Wikileaks and are exclusive NEWS. In travel instructions shared by the US secret services to their agents there is a special reference for our country and the airport "Eleftherios Venizelos". These records had access to NEA, the German Sueddeutsche Zeitung and in Spain.WikiLeaks

In particular, one of the two documents leaked at WikiLeaks includes an analysis of security systems at the border and at the Schengen entry points. In essence, these are CIA instructions for spies traveling to Europe so that they know what awaits them in the checks that they will have to go through when they enter European countries.

«Biometric systems border Schengen borders in the European Union are a minimal threat to the disclosure of the identity of US business travelers because their primary objective is irregular immigration and criminal activities, not counter-espionage. American travelers usually do not match the characteristics of suspicious targets. Business travelers with travel documents from the United States are not required to provide biometric data when crossing the external borders of the Schengen zone ", it refers to the classified CIA document classified as" NOFORN ", ie that it should not be disclosed to non-US citizens.

The analysis shows that most of the systems that control entry into the European arena pose a "minimal" risk to CIA agents: among them are the two Schengen Information Systems SIS and SIS II the SIRENS, version Visa for Schengen countries, the EURODAC (the European fingerprint database mainly used for irregular immigration and asylum seekers) as well as the EES (Advanced Traffic Control Entry Control System, which is not yet in operation). A limited risk also poses the activity of its border guards Frontex.

A small - and not a minimal - risk to reveal the identity of the spies, according to the document, Visa Information System (VIS) which was launched in 2011. The VIS system facilitates the exchange of Visa data between Schengen countries and is designed to prevent a practice known as “Visa shopping” in which an applicant to whom a Member State has refused to issue a Visa , apply to other Member States for any of them to be accepted. "It is unclear whether holders of official and diplomatic passports traveling to France, Greece or Spain should provide biometric data for the acquisition of Visa. The threat of revealing the identity of travelers who do not carry US travel documents and need to acquire Visa for entry into the Schengen zone will grow as the VIS system spreads in more countries, "he said, hitting the bell for those spies using other passports except for the US to enter the European area.

What is reported about "El. Venizelos »

The second secret document obtained by WikiLeaks, which also has a prohibitive rating for non-US citizens, is entitled "Surviving the Secondary" and includes airport information and detailed screening procedures. Information from secret agents has also been used as a source of information on their experiences at airports. «Secondary checks they can put pressure on business travelers for their identity, "he says. A table included in the confidential document also mentions Athens International Airport, in the context of a special chapter that analyzes how the country where the traveler comes from and previous destinationsaffect auditors' decisions for detailed audits. "The past of travel that indicates a possible link with drug trafficking, Islamic extremism or illegal immigration can lead to a secondary one," he says. Σthe case of "Eleftherios Venizelos" points out that passengers from countries like Egypt, Iraq and Iran raise concerns about terrorism, while from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and the Netherlands for drug trafficking.

The European Commission manual

To issue instructions to "business travelers" the CIA's people have supplied the manual that the Commission gives to border guards so that controls in the EU are governed by the maximum possible uniformity. The analysis of the American secret services shows that even if they have passed a second more detailed check, the "travelers" are in serious danger of revealing their identity.only if there is additional information about them or a suspicious activity has been perceived. Among other things, apart from checking the date of entry, residence and authenticity of passports, the CIA documents state that European border guards are obliged, in accordance with the Commission's instructions, during the second checks, to examine travel documents for falsification or forgery, using various technical aids and making comparisons with samples.

They are also being asked to cross the points of departure, the destination and the purpose of the visit, as well as confirm that travelers have the necessary sums of money to enable them to live during their stay in Schengen.


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