WikiLeaks and CIA hacking: E ​​and?

In the wake of the leaked CIA documents from WikiLeaks, which show through 8.000 + internal secret service intelligence documents all (?) The kinds of hacking used by American spies, what has changed in the world of security?

Contrary to Snowden's documents, which shocked the world so much, the interest of the online community does not seem to be the same. On Snowden, months later, even those who were not interested in technology, they read the news with awe, realizing for the first time how much their personal life was exposed.WikiLeaks

But let's look at things a little more "realistically."

First of all, the CIA is an intelligence service that tries to get every piece of information in any way. The CIA just does what the Russians, the Chinese, the British Intelligence Service and many others do. If they were not looking for or buying zero-day, violating iPhones of foreign agents inside and outside the US, then they would not do their job properly.

On the other hand, maintaining security remains as important this week as it was last week and all other weeks before WikiLeaks leaks, we all agree that our information needs to be secure.

Despite WikiLeaks claims that the CIA may bypass encrypted messaging applications, secret service has not broken the applications themselves but the operating systems. Encryption was not broken, but it was bypassed.

Do not be wrong, even so these hacking techniques are real, there are results and the CIA uses them. But it is not something that was not expected.

Companies that "heard" their name as Open Whisper Systems, developed by Signal, said complacently that this shows how their efforts are rewarded.

"End-to-end encryption is pushing intelligence services to bypass it using targeted attacks."

"The story is not whether Signal or WhatsApp are vulnerable. We see it as a confirmation that what we are doing works. ”

Below is an excerpt from our post-Snowden publication.


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