Wikileaks Vault 7: Pandemic or Pandemic

Pandemic: WikiLeaks was released new documents in the Vault 7 series. This time it describes in detail a tool that the CIA uses to deploy malicious software on networks of targeted organizations, services, or companies.

It's called "pandemic," and it can install one driver on the file system on a network, replacing legitimate files with a malicious payload remotely via the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol.

"The pandemic does NOTHING change to the target file on disk. The targeted file on the Pandemic system is installed and remains unchanged. Targeted users with Pandemic use SMB to download the targeted file, with the “Replacement file,” the tool description says.P

This makes this tool very interesting since it is particularly difficult to locate the infected systems. Pandemic replaces the files during transfer instead of modifying them on the device, so the legitimate file remains unchanged.

Pandemic is a tool designed to work on Windows 32 and 64 bit systems and is initially installed on machines from which users download and execute remote files. The files released by WikiLeaks show that up to 20 files can be replaced each time, with a maximum size of 800 Mb.

"As the name implies, a single computer on a local area network with shared disks infected with the Pandemic implant will function as the zero-sum patient in the spread of a disease. It will infect remote computers if the user runs programs. ”

The documents explicitly state that it is technically possible, "remote computers that provide file shares are automatically converted to new Pandemic file servers on a local network to achieve infections on new targets," WikiLeaks reported.

The new leaks contain information, even about how to test if a system is infected by Pandemic.

Please be reminded that Wikileaks released documents in the Vault 7 series from 7 March, exposing more and more CIA hackers.

"Year Zero"The CIA is using popular hardware and software.
"Weeping Angel"The spying tool that the service uses to penetrate smart TVs, turning them into disguised microphones.
"Dark Matter"Exploits targeting iPhones and Mac.
"Marble"The source code of a secret anti-forensic framework. It's essentially a obfuscator that the CIA uses to hide the real source of malware.
"GrasshopperA framework that allows the intelligence service to easily create custom malware to infringe on Windows and skip each from viruses.

"Archimedes"– a tool s MitM allegedly created by the CIA for targeting within a local area network (LAN).
Scribbles" one which is designed to add 'web beacons' to classified documents to allow intelligence to monitor leaks.
Athena:is designed to be able to gain complete control over infected Windows computers by allowing the CIA to perform many functions on the target machine, such as data deletion or malware installation, data theft, and mission to CIA servers. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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