What is WikiLeaks's Vault 7?

Vault 7: WikiLeaks seems to be preparing something big and all it says about it is a "vault7".

Of course no one knows what WikiLeaks is cooking but lately it seems to be putting a lot of emphasis on this particular hashtag. From February 4, WikiLeaks started posting tweets with very enigmatic messages constantly mentioning "Vault 7".Vault 7

The story began with the question: "What is # Vault7 ″?" accompanied by an image of the world seed stock in the icy territories of Norway.

Then, on February 5, he posted a picture of a shelter where tons of Nazi gold were kept in sacks, with the question "where is # valut7?"

The tweets continued with questions like "when is # vault7?" and "who is # vault7?" which contained a picture of Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange on the cover of the so-called "Infamous Spies" magazine.

The last message was posted on February 9, and since then Assange's website has not mentioned anything about it.

Twitter users of course are wondering what was planning to publish WikiLeaks but it's been a week and no one seems to know.
Some believe it will be something to do with Hillary Clinton, as shortly before the tweeting with Vault 7, the sixth part of the FBI survey was released with a URL containing the word Vault.

Others, however, more conspirators believe it is the 7 Building in the 9 / 11 attacks.

We hope that WikiLeaks will clear things up soon, before conspiracy theorists start their theories and do not come together…

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