Win10 All Settings settings for beginners

Win10 All Settings is an utility that allows different settings to be used on the system.

The main purpose of the application is to help users customize Windows 10 with alternative and hidden settings.Win10 All Settings, Windows 10, iguru

The software provides access to the Windows Main Control Panel (God Mode) and categorizes the built-in Windows 10 settings.

The settings set by Win10 All Settings work based on the information posted on Microsoft websites. Operations that are often complex, involve many steps and require system-level knowledge. But they can easily run through Win10 All Settings.Win10 All Settings, Windows 10, iguru

Win10 All Settings mainly supports their operating system Windows 10. Works with limited features on Windows 7/8 operating systems.

Advantages of Win10 All Settings:

Enables basic personalization options.
Provides easy access to God Mode options.
Allows you to adjust the color of the Inactive title bar.
Provides easy access to the built-in Windows 10 settings.
It can start with the operating system (Autostart).
Supports 64-bit Windows 10 (partial support for Windows 7/8).
Experimental version of 32-bit
No installation required and it is free.

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Version: | Download | MD5: a739189f19a795bb29cfd46597679bd8

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Win10 All Settings, Windows 10, iguru

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