Win11SysCheck is another compatibility tool that works

Microsoft has released a tool called PC Health Check. This tool can run on Windows devices and determine if they are compatible with the company's upcoming Windows 11 operating system. Microsoft later announced that its tool is not reliable (prototype).

But even if it worked, it did not reveal why the device is not compatible, indicating what the problem is. So you have to check every component of your computer manually.

For the processor, you should find out the make and model of the device and then look for it in the list of compatible processors Microsoft from AMD, Intel and ARM.

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Win11SysCheck is an open source tool that lets you know if a computer is compatible with Windows 11 and shows you why it is not. It is more detailed than the Microsoft tool, as it lists the controls and results in the UI.

You can download Win11SysCheck from the project website. Note that a SmartScreen message may appear when you run the tool in Windows - no installation required. The tool is new, and that's the message. Just ignore it and keep running.

A DOS window will list all their checks and return values. Even on Surface Go devices, Win11SysCheck will confirm if your processor is compatible or not and why.

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