Winamp Quinto Black CT 2.3 new skin with great changes

A new version of the popular Quinto Black CT theme for Winamp has just been released. The new version brings new features and improvements.

Winamp is one of the most popular media players available for Windows. It is also one of the oldest applications. Personally, I think the application is one of the top releases. It has a huge variety of plugins and skins and is pretty stable for everyday use.

Winamp still has many users. Many of them continue to create nice skins, and one of them is PeterK, who writes the popular Quinto Black CT theme. So today we released the Quinto Black CT v2.3, with lots of improvements and new features that you can read in the official announcement.winamp

- Added: Playlist editor mode2
- Added: shadows in Main Player, Equalizer, VU Meter (analog & digital), Frequency Response Graph, and Spectrum Analyzer
- Added: Full size CD case
- Added: AB repeat feature
- Add: windows are now foldable: left, bottom left, bottom, bottom right, right
- Change: very large filenames have "…" at the end in Track Bookmarks and Playlist Editor2
- Change: the background color of the selected track in the playlist editor (from black to dark red)

These and many more that you can find on post of the creator.

Download the new skin


Download the new Winamp


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