WinClean performance optimization and debloating

WinClean is a Windows application bloat removal and performance optimization utility for the average user as well as system administrators.clean

WinClean doesn't just aim to make cleaning your computer easier. Run the application to maintain, remove or modify some behavior of your system. You will find a number of functions that will help you with all of the above.

Improve Windows performance with a few clicks, as Windows uses more and more resources with applications that are often not needed.

Run Batch, PowerShell, and Registry Editor scripts directly from the GUI.
Add custom scripts for additional cleaning on the system you are interested in.

The free app was built with Visual Studio 2022.

The transparency of the program with the scripts it runs is remarkable. The scripts that are going to run are displayed in advance, so you can check what is running on your system.
In addition to this, the privileges of a script are also displayed, in a way that is easy for any user to understand. For example, disk cleanup scripts have “Free Storage” or “Storage Speed” next to them, while disabling unnecessary services appear as ways to reduce “Memory Usage”.

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