Windows 10/11 takes 8 hours online for updates

Windows Update is one of the reasons why many criticize Windows. In recent years, Microsoft has made many changes and improvements to Windows Update.

For example, Microsoft began offering driver updates via a new optional update tab. The company added additional features such as servicing stack updates, experience packs, update stack packages, smaller update packages, and the ability to pause Windows update, windows 10, Windows 11, iguru

As you may have noticed, Microsoft has also made significant changes to the AI ​​and ML models to understand why and how Windows updates fail on some systems. It turns out that one of the most important factors is the duration of the device and its connection to Windows Update.

Your device must be connected for at least eight hours to properly process cumulative updates or Windows feature updates. This period is called 'Update Connectivity' and takes eight hours to get the latest updates from Microsoft servers and install them.

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If you frequently turn off your device or disconnect it from the internet, you will not be able to install quality and feature updates in the future. Devices that do not meet a specific login time will be more vulnerable to Windows Update failures.

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