Windows 10 - 11 updates are coming with an expiration date

The Microsoft operating system, which from now on is considered "Windows as a Service" or Windows as a service, is constantly updated with new features and of course receives the necessary security updates.

Of course, sometimes Windows Update does not work as planned, resulting in the inability to install certain packages. It should be noted that there are those who do not update their systems for many different reasons. windows 11 expired

However, if you use pause or skip updates, this may delay updates and increase the size of the update packages.

So for the best performance of Windows Update, Microsoft starts removing older quality updates from Windows Update servers and these updates will now appear as "expired updates".

Older and redundant packages will expire automatically, which Microsoft believes will improve the performance of Windows Updates and reduce the amount of cache used by each update. Older updates will be replaced by newer ones, and this will result in shorter scan times for Windows Updates.

Patch Tuesday updates are known to include fixes to all previous updates that have been released to the operating system. So if a package has expired, you will be able to get the fixes contained in it by installing the latest Patch Tuesday.

Expired packages will not appear in your Windows Update scan results, which may reduce internet data usage. This will be important for those with limited internet access.

"This KB is no longer available from Windows Update, Microsoft Update Catalog or other distribution channels, we recommend updating your devices with the latest security update. The latest security update is cumulative and contains all packages ", he says Microsoft.

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Windows Updates will evaluate packages regularly, and the status "expired" (or expired) will appear on the Microsoft website, as shown in the image above.

As mentioned in a previous post about Windows 11, Microsoft is also testing a feature called "Update Stack Packages“. This is a new way of updating that will bring improvements before installing a major update.

The first Update Stack Packages were released with Build 22478 for Windows Insiders and are currently available to a limited number of users with no significant changes.

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