Windows 10 1809: why not update now?

Let's go again. As we mentioned in previous publication Microsoft is starting up again with so I want to upgrade Windows 10 1809 on computers with Windows 10 Home and Pro that are not configured correctly to block the upgrade.

We hope, of course, that this 1809 version will be more stable than the previous ones.Windows 10

Microsoft took more than three months since the release of this release to correct its problems.

If you have not installed the 1809 version, it is a good idea to wait specifically for your computer's hardware to be new. This time and after three months of repairs, we hope that things will be better and that we will not meet more big surprises.

But let's look at things a little more realistically:

Microsoft, despite the negative reviews it has received from its customers, seems to be opposed to voluntary upgrades, pushing once again. For the forced upgrades to Windows 10 of 1809, the company says it uses a next-generation modeling engine.
The sophisticated model is supposed to be able to judge whether a system (by checking its hardware) can receive trouble-free updates.


The company's Official Release Information page he says for Windows 10 of the 1809 version that has passed the "Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted)" stage, which means that Microsoft has not yet determined that the 1809 version is suitable for business installation.

So it would be good to wait until the first comments were released of the users who have tried their luck this time.




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