Windows 10 18305 dial-up connection

With the release of Windows 10 build 18305, Microsoft will release a new additional security feature: accounts without a password.

According to the company, the new feature will allow users not to use passwords but to connect using a phone number.

Windows 10

The official announcement he says:

Today, we announce support for logging into Windows with a phone account, without having to create passwords! If you have a Microsoft account that contains your phone number, you can use SMS to log in and set up your Windows 10 account. After setting up your account, you can use the new Windows Hello Face feature, Fingerprint, or a PIN (depending on your device's capabilities) to sign in to Windows 10. No password will be required!

Thus, the upcoming operating system will allow the user to connect to his / her phone number. The operating system will send a confirmation code if you have linked this phone number to a Microsoft Account. Once you confirm the operation with the code you received, it will create a new user account, which can be further configured without passwords.

To use a password-free account in Windows 10, do the following.

Add your Windows account from Settings - Accounts - Family and other users - "Add someone else to this computer".
Lock your device and select the phone account from the Windows login screen.
Because your account does not have a password, select "Login Options", click on the alternative "PIN" and click on "Login".
Then log in from the Web through Windows Hello setup (this will be used to log in to your account the next time).

That's it, now you can log in to Windows with your phone number without a password.

This feature is currently only available for Windows Insiders running Windows 10 Build 18305 Home edition.


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