Windows 10 1903 Cumulative Update KB4505903

Η A new cumulative update has been released for the ( 1903). The update brings several quality improvements to the company's operating system.

Windows 10 cumulative update KB4505903 raises the build number to 18362.267 and fixes issues with , Microsoft Edge and many other features.

Windows 10

Build 18362.267 is an optional update and you must click the new "Download and Install" option on the settings page and in the Windows Update to install it.

If you have multiple computers or if you want to fix your computers manually, you can download the update from Microsoft Update Catalog.

The update as mentioned above fixes an issue that prevented Windows Hello from recognizing faces after restarting a device.

Fixes an issue with the PDF printing feature in Microsoft Edge.

It also fixes the appearance of colors when viewing a 10-bit image, but also an issue that prevented users from changing the brightness level on their devices.

Finally, the update improves the sound quality when played through when using certain audio profiles.

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