Windows 10 1903: Let's make Windows even better

Windows 10 1903, the next major update to the Microsoft operating system, may show some suggestions to users as soon as they log in to the operating system and their Microsoft account.

The question "Let's make Windows even better - it won't affect what you've already set up", or in English "Let's make Windows even better - this should not affect what you've already set up" has started to appear in recent Windows Insider Builds 10.

Windows 10

Until the "final" build of version 1903 is released, Microsoft may change the way the new window looks, add suggestions, features, or even remove the feature altogether.

The new window loads automatically after the first boot of the system and suggests the creation or connection of features, devices or services.

All the suggestions contained in the new window are completely optional at the moment, as the user can simply click on "Skip for now" or "Skip for now" to skip it and continue on the Windows desktop.

The new window contains the following five services:

Setting up Windows Hello
Connect your phone and computer
More devices
Download Office 365
Protect your files with OneDrive

All of the above services require a Microsoft account, so users will probably need to sign in to their account to proceed.
Services already set up will not be affected by the company, but you never know.




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