Windows 10 19H1 SDK came with WPA3 support

Windows 10 19H1 with WPA3! In June the Wi-Fi Alliance he said a new WI-FI encryption model, WPA3. The new version of Wireless Protected Access is allegedly resistant to brute-force attacks because it will block any certification request after a series of failed attempts.

Windows 10 19H1

The new standard will also apply a "forward secret", which means that the intruders who discover the WIFI password will not be able to decipher the traffic being recorded.

The standard also incorporates WI-FI Easy Connect, which will allow users to configure the Wi-Fi WPA3 options of a non-screen device such as a smart switch or a smart toaster (IoT devices).

WPA3 is currently optional for devices to be released, but at some point it will become mandatory.

Not currently supported on Windows 10, but circulation of the Windows 10 19H1 SDK from Microsoft includes a new API that appears to indicate that support for the new template will come soon.

The new API states:

    namespace Windows.Networking.Connectivity {public enum NetworkAuthenticationType {Wpa3 = 10, Wpa3Sae = 11,}}

WPA3 is the corporate version, and WPA3 SAE is a consumer version with simultaneous Peer Authentication (SAE from Simultaneous Authentication of Equals) and will replace WPA2-Personal's shared key (PSK from Pre-shared Key).

WPA3 is interoperable with WPA2, so support will only be needed for devices that take safety very seriously.
For greater adoption of the new model, however, we will probably have to wait until the beginning of 2019 when it will be available to all users of the "fixed" version of Windows 10 19H1.

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