Windows 10 19H2 Build 18362.10006 στο Slow Ring

Microsoft has just released a new preview of Windows 10 19H2, the update of new features expected to be released in the fall.

Those registered in the Slow ring of Insiders can download it directly from the new version, which raises the build number to 18362.10006.

Build 18362.10006 is only available in a subset of Insiders in the Slow Ring. This means that not everyone will receive this update.

Windows 10 19H2

The new version is released just like a regular cumulative update, and not like a full build, as we knew until now in Windows Insider. Microsoft says this will make the update process faster and less annoying. According to John Cable, Director of Program Management, Windows Servicing and Delivery:

To offer these updates in a less annoying way, we will use the update technology for customers who are already using the May 2019 Update and choose to update to the new version. In other words, anyone running the May 2019 Update will have a much faster update experience, because it will be installed as a monthly cumulative update.

The company has confirmed that this update should be ready next September, when Windows 10 19H2 will spend more than two months on Windows Insider for necessary improvements. We normally expected that the upcoming Windows 10 19H2 could be released as a full version of new features, but apparently it will be released as a simple service pack.

Microsoft will focus on perfecting the performance of the upcoming operating system and the changes will not be about new features. So from what we know so far, Windows 10 build 18362.10000 will not bring any visible change to the operating system, as Microsoft says it will include improvements only for OEMs.

"This update contains two background changes designed for OEMs. It does not contain anything visible to Insiders. We use this update to control the update process and service pipeline" he says Dona Sarkar, head of Windows Insider.

Do you want to download the latest update? Follow the path: Settings> Update & Security> Windows Insider Program and click on Get Started to upgrade to the latest build.

Those of you who have installed the previous version, can only download the cumulative update uploaded by build, from its site AdGuard. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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