Windows 10 19H2 Why it will come as a Service Pack

Windows 10 19H2: Microsoft officially began development for the next Windows 10 feature update, about two months before the final release.

Windows 10 19H2

So Microsoft needs less time to prepare for the next release, mainly because of the development new possibilities and the next stage of testing will not take as long as it took May 2019 Update, for example.

Because Windows 10 19H2 does not represent a fully updated version, Microsoft has changed the way it is distributed to end users.

It will be released as a cumulative update. As we mentioned Windows 10 19H2 is not a new feature update, but more of a service pack. Microsoft seems to be focusing on performance improvements, bug fixes, and other general improvements, just like a regular cumulative update.

Therefore, the upcoming Windows 10 19H2 operating system will include all the previous updates and enhancements that were present in the recent updates. The first version of 19H2, for example, includes changes made by Microsoft to the cumulative update KB4501375 released on June 27th.

Microsoft claims that this new approach to cumulative updates will allow it to provide faster updates.

The upcoming update will be available for older Windows, with other options. The Windows 10 May 2019 Update will take 19H2 build as a cumulative and older versions of Windows 10 will be able to be updated via Windows Update but also with it Media Creation Tool.

Note that we should not expect too many previews, as the upcoming update is already being tested at Slow Ring, which is supposed to contain the most stable versions of the development.

The update will stop developing in September, and will be released in October. They will probably upgrade the build number to the 1909 version.

The next important update for Windows 10 is 20:1 am, which is expected to be released in the spring of 2020 with several significant improvements.

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