Windows 10 2004 does not store cookies and prevents logins

New reports indicate that some users have problems with Windows 10 2004. Users report that cookies or login data are not saved, especially with the Chrome browser.
One user even mentions that this is due to the S4U task “TASK_LOGON_S4U” in the Task Scheduler.

Such processes are described by Microsoft as follows.

ASK_LOGON_S4U is another option that provides a more secure alternative. Uses a user login service (S4U) to perform the task on behalf of that user, but without having to save the password. Since the task scheduler is running on the local system account, it can create a new S4U session and receive a token that can be used not only for identification but also for imitation on the local computer. Normally an S4U badge is only good for identification.

Confirmation of the above issue can be found in FeedbackHub and in the forum "Answers". If you are affected by the error, you can check if it is due to this service using PowerShell.

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Open PowerShell as Administrator.

Copy and paste the following:
[pastacode manual = ”Get-ScheduledTask% 20% 7C% 20foreach% 20% 7BIf% 20 ((% 5Bxml% 5D% 20) Export-ScheduledTask% 20-TaskName% 20% 24% 20 _.% 20TaskName% 20-TaskPath% 20% 24% 20 _.% 20TaskPath)).% 20GetElementsByTagName% 20 (% 22LogonType% 22).% 20 '% 23% 20text'% 20-eq% 20% 22S4U% 22)% 20% 7B% 24% 20_. % 20TaskName% 7D% 20% 7D ”provider =” manual ”lang =” php ”/] In the results, see if you have any of these processes. If so, try disabling them one by one to find the process that is causing the problem.

The user explains it more in bugs.chromium:

This is because the RPC used by UBPM to create the S4U badge can sometimes delete your stored credentials in lsass. Among other things, your stored credentials (or rather fragmentation) are used to generate the DPAPI user encryption key, and when deleted, the lass uses only the hash of the empty string (!!).

Many comments have confirmed that this solution works.

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