Windows 10 v1809 installed only on 2,8% of Windows PC

Windows 10 in the 1809 Update (October 2018 Update) is again available for download, but according to new data coming from AdDuplex its adoption is not going well.

This is due to the fact that Microsoft is gradually updating the devices that ask for it all around the world as more and more bugs are being corrected, but also because users are probably much more cautious and are not in a hurry to install this version.Windows 10

Window 10 on 1809 was originally released on early October, but Microsoft withdrew it from the release a few days laterwhen an error that caused data deletion occurred.
The second version of the October release was released earlier this month, but as it turns out, the company's customers are not in a hurry to install it.

AdDuplex reports that only 2,8% of the Windows 10 PC runs this October 2018 update. April 2018 Update is still the most used version of Windows 1803 due to bugs we observed in October-November, and it supplies 10% of all Windows 89,5 PCs.

Window 10 Fall Creators Update (1709 version) is now the third most used version of the operating system, but it's far behind with just 3,9%. Creators Update (version 1703) works on 1,5% of computers.

The adoption of WindUws 10 in the 1809 version is expected to increase in the coming weeks as Microsoft has more and more devices around the world and of course because it continues to repair the bugs that are presented.


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