Windows 10: apps serving malicious ads

Windows 10 users who run ads that display ads may be the target of misleading reports that the system has been infected or that they have won an iPhone.

Several basic Windows applications, e.g. the Microsoft News application, available at , they show ads and apparently many of these ad-supported apps are causing the above problem to users.

Windows 10

The ad is sent by an ad server, and is displayed to the user of the application. The ad opens a web page in the default browser and displays one of the things we mentioned above, e.g. The is infected, or you won an iPhone.

The website that tries to intimidate the user reports, for example, that viruses were found on the computer on a website that resembles the official Microsoft website.

Experienced users may notice that this is a scam and usually close the window, but inexperienced users can follow the tips and thus infect their systems or give out personal information or make a purchase.

A German company support page (Microsoft Answers) reports the problem already. Microsoft MVP volunteer moderator Ingo Böttcher confirms that Windows Apps can open fake with these kinds of messages.

If you come across any malicious ad, it is recommended to immediately close the tabs or web pages that will be opened. Doing so will not harm your computer or personal files. The messages are and your computer was not infected with a virus or trojan as the fake website claims.

It should be noted that Microsoft is not the only company that displays such malicious ads. Google Search has shown similar messages in the past, but other major advertising companies have had similar incidents in the past.

The incident shows once again that advertising in its current form poses risks to the Internet. The only option users have is to protect their systems by using ad blockers.

Advertising companies such as Microsoft, Google or Facebook should frequently check the ad servers of the partner companies.

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