Windows 10 remove unwanted applications

Most Windows 10 devices come loaded with bloatware. Bloatware is a rather subjective term that can contain everything from your OEM applications to Microsoft applications that do nothing but take up valuable space on your computer.

In Windows 10, you can remove some of the unwanted applications by selecting "Uninstall" in the list of applications. This works for various Microsoft applications, such as Skype, Office, News, Calculator, Calendar and more.

However, you cannot remove most applications added by OEMs or even Microsoft.

Here are some tools to help you get rid of OEM and Microsoft bloatware.

Windows 10 has a feature called "Fresh Start". This feature performs a clean install of Windows 10 leaving your data intact.

With Fresh Start, you can remove most of the OEM applications and get a new copy of Windows 10 from Microsoft servers.

To use Fresh Start, follow these steps:

Follow the path: Settings - Update & Security> Recovery.
Click "Restore this computer" and select "Start".
Select "Save My Files".
Select cloud or local and click "change your settings".

Define resetting pre-installed applications? in No and click Next.

To use Fresh Start via the command prompt, follow these steps:

Open a command prompt window with administrator privileges (search for cmd and right-click on the black icon to select run as administrator).

Give the following commands and change C if Windows is installed on a different partition:

cd C: \ Windows \ System32

Then copy and paste the following command and press enter.

systemreset.exe -cleanpc

After a few seconds, the Fresh Start screen will open. Click the Next button to begin the process.

Remove Bloatware using open source applications

To get rid of bloatware in Windows 10, you can also use and some third party tool. One of them is called "Bloatbox". This application uses PowerShell scripts to remove bloatware applications.

You can download it from Github and export it to your desktop. Once exported, double-click Bloatbox.exe and follow the instructions.

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