Windows 10 allow answers to Android alerts

Windows 10's Your Phone app seems to be getting better. It already allows you to see them of your Android device to your computer and will now allow you to use inline replies to instantly reply to any notification.

This feature is already available for those registered to   Windows .

If you use Android notification mirroring on your computer, you can instantly type a response to an alert to reply to a message from any application that supports Android inline replies.

Windows 10

The new function was announced by Aarthi Hatter, its senior program manager At .

If you have already set up mirroring notifications for Android, you do not need to enable anything extra. This feature will be available to everyone in the coming months, when Microsoft tests Windows Insiders are completed.

Windows 10's "Your Phone" app already lets you send SMS from your computer, but with this new feature it will allow you to join other conversations without using your phone.

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