Windows 10 Anniversary Update: Tests only for 10 days

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update has been released and several have begun to upgrade their systems. The final build is 14393 and by 2 August Microsoft has released the ISO files for offline installation.

Here, we should mention that if you install Windows 10 Anniversary Update and you do not like it or have any issues, you only have 10 days to uninstall it.10 Anniversary Windows Update

With the release of Windows 10 build 10240 RTM and Windows 10 build 10586 "Threshold 2" users had the option to return to the previous version of Windows for up to 30 days after the upgrade.
With Windows 10 Anniversary Update, time has fallen and the end user has only 10 days to return to the previous operating system.

Microsoft reported that this move is based on telemetry data collected by users of the operating system.

According to Microsoft, the decision to minimize the restore period is because they noticed that most users do not change installation after 2-4 the first few days. This means that Microsoft claims that there were virtually no users who reverted to the previous operating system after 10 days.

After 10 days, the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update deletes the "Windows.old" folder and thus excludes any restore method.

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