Windows 10 April 2018: Desktop Not Responding?

Upgrading to Windows 10 April 2018 Update continues to present many different problems. This version has been a nightmare for some users, as computers are virtually inactive.
This is absolutely true when we mention that all Microsoft upgrades since the release of Windows 10 (Windows as a ) are beta versions, which were released very hastily, and without the necessary attention from .Windows 10 April 2018

One of these problems has already recognized by Microsoft and displays on a blank desktop, which basically has nothing but a Recycle Bin icon, and a mouse pointer that is almost useless.
If you experience this error below we will see what you can do to restore it at least until Microsoft releases an update that fixes the problem.

Microsoft has confirmed that if you encounter this error, you should try to return to the previous version of Windows 10 or reinstall Windows.

Although it sounds easy, it's not easy at all as the desktop does not allow access to the settings…

Let's see how you can get to the settings screen the hard way. To access Troubleshooting, you must restart your system three times in a row from the power button. How; Press and hold… Eventually blue recovery screens will appear, allowing you to go back to the previous version.

From the Troubleshooting section - Advanced Options - Return to the previous version you can start the process by following the instructions on your screen.

We will not mention how you can do a clean installation, as it is a solution that you should avoid if the files stored on your computer are important.

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