Windows 10 with bloatware, no more: automatic removal

Bloatware are applications pre-installed by computer, smartphone and tablet manufacturers for extra profit. So your system very often comes loaded with useless applications that take up storage space.

Microsoft of course does not go back to bloatware. In Windows 10, for example, there are many programs that you do not need. Below we will see how you can get rid of bloatware. bloatware

Note that usually bloatware does not appear in Settings - System - Applications and so you can not remove them as you do with any other program. Microsoft and other manufacturers of bloatware products benefit from their use, so it is not in their best interest to easily uninstall bloatware.

We will use the free Windows10Debloater PowerShell Script

Windows10Debloater is a PowerShell Script developed by Sycnex. Removes almost any additional application from the operating system. But it can also remove applications that you may find useful, such as TuneInRadio, PowerBI, or the Netflix application for Windows.

On the GitHub page, click on the green "Code" button. Select ZIP download from the drop-down menu. Open the zip and you will see two files

Windows10Debloater: This is the version that "silently" removes bloatware.
Windows10DebloaterGUI: This version has a basic GUI with some bloatware removal options as well as options for Restore Changes.

Select one of these scripts and run it with PowerShell. The script automates the process of removing unwanted applications and removes the relevant Windows registry entries for the bloatware applications that it removed.

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