Windows 10 will support tar and cURL

Microsoft is planning to integrate them in the next Windows 10 feature update tar and cURL applications on command line tools. This update is expected in March of 2018.

Although we do not yet know the full name of the next feature update, it is clear that it will include significant improvements and additions in contrast to the rather pale autumn Fall Creator Update.

Linux users, however, definitely get their hands on the new one, as these two command line tools have been part of Linux for a very long time. But most users of Windows up to now are unable to extract TAR files if they do not use third party software such as Bandizip or 7-Zip.

Microsoft points out that the two open source tools will work just like the * nix systems.

Tar will be a command-line tool that enables you to create and export compressed tar files, and the cURL application will be a command-line tool for file transfers. PowerShell incorporates some of these features, but the new addition will be on the command line.

The tar.exe command line tool will work pretty much as you would expect. You can use the -x switch to export the files, or the -c to create them. You can also use the –help command to display all tool options.

Curl also comes with many options, with its basic being the -o switch that downloads you a file from the specified URL and stores it in the local system.

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