Windows 10 build 14986 Creators Update with many new features

Microsoft has just released a new Windows 10 build for those in the Fast Ring, bringing many new features that are supposed to be part of the ultimate version of the Creators Update released in the spring.

The new build is currently available exclusively for computers and not for mobile devices. Windows 10 build 14986 is one of the biggest releases to date and incorporates many new features in Cortana.Windows 10

First of all, in the new build the personal assistant supports voice commands to turn off the computer volume. You can ask Cortana to reboot, and lock your system.

Voice commands support music playback, and Cortana's digital assistant also supports voice commands for iHeartRadio and TuneIn Radio. The personal assistant also works from the lock screen as reported by Microsoft.

So, starting with this version, you can ask Cortana to play a particular artist, track, title or genre in a specific app.

The question "What is playing" the personal assistant will answer you with the name of the song.

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Those of you who want to try the new version follow the instructions below:

Create ISO:

Download the ESD of the new Windows 10 (updated link to Windows in English).

Then download ESD Decrypter from the following link:

ESD Decrypter

Export the ESD Decrypter to any folder and place the ESD file in the same folder.
Now right-click the decrypt.cmd file and run it as an administrator. ESD Decrypter

When the blue window opens, type 1 and press enter to start ISO creation.

Sit comfortably and wait until the procedure is over.

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