Windows 10 Build 15031 Creators Update ISO

Microsoft has just released a new build of Windows 10 for PCs and mobile devices for those who are registered with Windows Insider's Fast Ring.

This particular build comes with many new features such as automatic computer lock. With this new release, Microsoft introduces another new feature called the Compact Overlay window, which essentially provides picture-in-picture support so you can keep track of a movie, for example, while working on a document without you need to close any application.Windows 10 Build 15031 Creators Update ISO

Microsoft says all apps will need to be updated to support this new feature, and says Movies & TV and the Skype Preview app will get the new functionality "in the near future."

Read more about the new build

Those of you who want to try the new version follow the instructions below:

Create ISO:

Download the ESD of the new Windows 10 (Temporary Links)

Windows 10 Build xNUMX Education x15031 en-US
Window 10 Build 15031 For x64 en-US
Window 10 Build xNUMX Enterprise x15031 en-US
Window 10 Build 15031 For x64 en-GB
Window 10 Build 15031 For x86 en-GB

or Cloud links from WZor

Then download ESD Decrypter from the following link:

ESD Decrypter

Export the ESD Decrypter to any folder and place the ESD file in the same folder.
Now right-click the decrypt.cmd file and run it as an administrator. ESD Decrypter

When the blue window opens, type 1 and press enter to start ISO creation.

Sit comfortably and wait until the procedure is over.

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