Windows 10 Build 18963 20H1 ISO for everyone

Windows 10 Build 18963: Microsoft today released a new 20H1 build to the Insiders in the Fast Ring. This version comes with a number of interesting new features.

For example build 18963 displays system temperatures in the (GPU) Task Manager, has a new page with "options", along with the ability to rename the Virtual Desktop.

Windows 10 Build 18963

The company says:

One of your long-standing requests for Task Manager is to add temperature monitoring support. With today's build, we have progress on this question. If you have a special GPU card, we will display the current temperature next to its entry in the "Performance" tab.

We hope you like the change! If you have further issues with Task Manager, please do not hesitate to share them. To make suggestions or report issues in this area, press WIN + F and enter your comments in Desktop Environment> Task Manager in the Comment Center.

In the above gif image, you can see the next change that the new build brings.

The company says:

Virtual Desktops are here to help you visually and mentally separate the different tasks on your computer. They can also be useful when making presentations - allowing you to prepare demos on different work surfaces One thing we have heard is that you want to be able to set your own names for your different computers in order to have an easier separation.

We're excited to share what the new build for Insiders in Fast Ring does just that!

Another new feature that the new version brings, is that the Notepad application will be updated from the Windows Store, as mentioned in a previous post.

You can read more about the new build from official announcement.

Windows 10 Build 18963: Those interested can download the ISO from WZor link.

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