Windows 10 Calculator has been ported to Linux

The Windows 10 calculator has been ported to Linux and can be installed from the Canonical Snap Store.

In March 2019, Microsoft opened the Windows 10 Calculator code and invited developers to help develop the application.

Using the Uno platform, an open source toolkit for building multi-platform applications, the developers ported Windows 10 Calculator (calc.exe) to Linux under the name "Uno Calculator".

Below you can see the Windows 10 application running on Windows on the left and Ubuntu on the right.

So if you are using the Ubuntu distribution and want to install Uno Calculator, you can do so through the Snap Store using the following command:
[pastacode manual = ”snap% 20install% 20uno-calculator” provider = ”manual” lang = ”php” /] Once installed, run “uno-calculator” to start the application from the Ubuntu desktop or any other desktop you use.

Although the Ubuntu distribution already has a calculator application, Uno Calculator shows us the power of multi-platform tools.

Using these tools, developers can develop applications on one platform and using the same code base, and transfer them to other platforms, such as Windows, Linux, macOS, and mobile devices.

As Linux grows in popularity, and Microsoft does not seem to be as hostile as it once was, we will probably see more Windows applications ported to Linux to entice users to change operating systems.

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