Windows 10 Cloud is ransomware

The new Windows 10 Cloud, although leaked on the Internet, has not been formally confirmed by Microsoft. Of course, analyzes and complaints have already begun by users who have installed it and say that this is another version of the failed Windows RT.

Epic CEO and co-founder Tim Sweeney has even gone a step further by publicly announcing on Twitter that Windows 10 Cloud is "ransomware", a form of malware that locks computer files asking for ransom to restore access .Windows 10 Cloud

"Windows 10 Cloud is ransomware: Locks the Windows software you purchased and tries to make you pay to unlock it with an upgrade to Windows Pro", He mentioned in a tweet dated February 7.
"Firefox is blocked. Google Chrome is blocked. Google search has been blocked as a web browser search option. "OpenGL, Vulcan, OpenVR, Oculus VR have been blocked," he said.

"Microsoft has made a huge move against the entire PC ecosystem: @Adobe, @Autodesk, #Valve, @EA, @Activision, @google, @Mozilla. Everything is blocked. Windows Cloud will steal your Steam gaming library for PC and ask you for a ransom to give it back to you. ”

Is true;

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Windows 10 Cloud appears to be a Windows 10 OS version that focuses exclusively on the Windows App Store, just like the Windows RT that 2012 has released with Surface RT.

There is always the possibility that the upcoming Windows 10 Cloud will be offered to OEMs absolutely free to install on their devices, and this will help reduce prices. Microsoft is of course expected to offer an integrated upgrade capability that will allow Windows 10 Cloud users to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro and thus be able to use Win32 applications.

This is more or less what Mr. Sweeney criticizes, arguing that users should pay for the upgrade, calling Windows 10 Cloud "ransomware."

So we could say that it is not ransomware, but a way to offer cheaper Windows on the market if you are happy with apps that are distributed only through the Windows Store. Epic's CEO appears to criticize Microsoft's aggressive promotion for Universal Windows Apps, claiming that the company is actually trying to destroy the Win32 ecosystem by forcing users to switch to the Windows Store entirely.

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