What is Windows 10 Cloud?

Windows 10 Cloud is a new version of Windows 10 that first appeared on one of the latest builds released for Insiders.

Microsoft has not yet released any official update for Windows 10 Cloud, but rumors are coming and going. So we heard that the "new" operating system will be based on the cloud, and that it will be a new subscription version of Windows that will look like Office365.

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft is currently keeping silent fish, but according to ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, Windows 10 Cloud is what Windows RT was in earlier versions of Windows.Windows 10 Cloud

It also states that Windows 10 Cloud will be able to run only Unified applications on the Windows platform.

According to the above, and if the new system works as Windows RT was running when Windows 8 was running, it would only support applications from the Windows Store.

The situation has not changed so much, but maybe a bit better with the upcoming Windows 10 Cloud. The main reason is that Microsoft has options for developers and software developers to convert traditional Win32 programs into Unified Windows Platform applications.

This means that by devoting some extra time to development the applications can be converted into single ones.

Of course the Cloud or Cloud name is a little confused. It is clear that Microsoft would not want to revive what happened after the release of the RT in Windows 10, as it failed miserably and once again, and got a bad reputation due to the operating limitations.

Cloud, according to Mary Jo's sources, refers to Microsoft aiming to become a "cloud first" company. However, Cloud can also be a simple code name and the new version of the product may be released under a different name when it is finally released.

We might say that this version of Windows is a Microsoft attempt to compete with Google Chrome OS and Chromebooks. These devices use Cloud for the most part.

So Windows 10 Cloud could feed low cost devices just like Windows RT. Microsoft's marketing mistake was that it had not stated more clearly that Windows RT was a limited version of Windows that was not able to run traditional apps but only the Windows Store apps.

Microsoft could release Windows 10 Cloud with the Creators Update next April, although the fact that it has not officially announced anything to date could be a sign that they will be released at a later date.

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