Windows 10 Creators Update stops on automatic restarts in updates

Microsoft has announced a major change to install new updates after the official release of the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update.

New updates via Windows Update to the new operating system will ask users to schedule the update a specific date and time, or postpone it for three days.Windows 10

The main idea behind the new options is to avoid situations where Windows Update automatically restarts the computer.

Automatic updates while it seems convenient, the Internet is full of user complaints because Windows Update has restarted the computer at the most inappropriate time. For example, shortly before a three-day job is completed, or during a game, or when presenting an exel.

Windows 10 already supports Active Hours a feature that prevents the installation of an update during this time of the day, unless requested by the user.

The new feature adds new choices to the well-known Active Hours. Windows will display an option screen when updates are available.

The three options of the upcoming operating system are listed below:

  • Restart the computer immediately and complete the update installation.
  • Select the time - schedule the installation and restart of the computer. This will open a screen that you can use to set the day and time to install the update.
  • Postpone the installation of the update for three days.

It's also a really useful feature for Windows friends who are waiting to upgrade their systems. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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