Windows 10 Decrapifier remove Microsoft junk

Many times we have dealt with the removal of bloatware from Windows 10 and we have mentioned solutions like his scripts Windows 10 Debloater.

This is a PowerShell script that helps you remove junk that Microsoft has installed on its operating system for advertising purposes. windows 10 decrapifier

Today we will see another script called Decrapifier operates. This is another automated cleaning script.

The Debloater on the other hand it also works like the classic Windows modification utilities. So you can use it either as a simple semi-automated script or as a complete customization tool through its GUI, customizing its actions according to your preferences.

Windows Decrapifier offers an easy way to remove all the unwanted items from an installation Windows 10 only through PowerShell.

To clean them almost automatically Windows 10 from any useless application, download WindowsDecrapifier by his page on Github.

Press Win + X to access the quick menu of their management tools Windows 10 and run Windows PowerShell with administrator privileges (right click and open as administrator).

Use the cd command (which means Change directory from Change Directory initials) to move to the folder where you downloaded the Windows script-Decrapifier. The command must look like the following:

cd downloads

Run the script Decrapifier with the command:

. \ decrapify.ps1

Give the script some time to apply all its predefined modifications and remove the Windows features that you may not have known existed. For example, Microsoft Wallet and Mixed Reality Portal will be removed.

Once the script is finished you will need to restart your computer.

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