Where the Microsoft Download Tool hides Windows 10 files

If you installed Windows 10 on a Windows 7 and 8 PC, you would notice that the Microsoft download and installation tool first downloads the new operating system, stores it locally, and then starts installing.Windows 10 2

This of course happens if you choose to install immediately and not "Upgrade this PC now" and not download the ISO.
If you choose to download Windows 10 to an ISO file, it will save the file where you choose.

But what if you select "Upgrade this PC now"?

win 10 install

Who stores the installation files the Microsoft tool?

Before we give you the save path, you should allow Windows to display hidden folders.

Follow the steps as described in the following illustration (1, 2, 3). For those who can not read the image: Control Panel / Folders and Options / and on the View tab choose show hidden folders. After Apply and OK.

hiden files

After allowing Windows to display hidden folders, let's look at the path from where you can find the installation files.

Open any folder and copy and paste the following on the line that shows the path:

C: \ $ Windows. ~ WS \ Sources \ Windows \ sources

If your operating system is not installed in C: \ change the first letter of the path.

With the files you find in the path, you can make an ISO or copy it to a USB flash drive.

You should be aware that after installing Windows 10, the files remain where you found them. If you want, you can delete them as they use some Gigabytes on your disk. win10 upgrade

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