Windows 10 version 2004 new Windows Update notification

Windows 10 in the 2004 version will probably be released very soon, as Microsoft is expected to sign the RTM build in the coming days. The company, however, did not announce a last minute change.

The next one feature update Windows 10 will have a new Windows Update notification that appears when a new installation is pending.

Windows 10

According to HTNovo, the notification is also moved to the Action Center if the user is not interested in it, and offers a number of additional options, such as restarting the computer now, restarting it overnight or selecting a time when the owner wants to restart the system.

The alert also includes a visual tip to connect your device so that the battery does not run out during the installation of updates, which could damage the operating system and prevent the computer from starting.

Windows 10 2004 is the next major update for Windows 10, and Microsoft is expected to release RTM build to insiders this month.

The issue number is an indication that the update is scheduled to be finalized this month. Windows 10 release numbers show the signing date of the RTM build, with the first two digits representing the year, while the other two indicate the month in which this will occur.

In other words, the next Windows 10 release in 2004 should be signed by the company in the fourth month of 2020.
At this point, this new version is already locked, which means that Microsoft is only working on Windows fixes, avoiding adding new features.

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