Windows 10 version 21H2 available to everyone

Microsoft he said that the 21H2 version of Windows 10 - which was released in November - is now available to everyone. This basically means that if you check today for updates you will be able to see it and install it.

Windows 10

What's new in this release is support for WPA3 H2E standards to improve Wi-Fi security, support for GPU on Windows Subsystem for Linux for machine learning workflows, and simplified Windows Hello password-free systems development in business environments.

If you are interested, you can install the update from the Settings application. Select Updates and Security and click Check for Updates. The new version will appear as an optional update. If your current version of Windows 10 is no longer supported or is nearing the end of its support period, the latest update will be installed automatically.

The availability of the 21H2 version of Windows 10 has just arrived as Microsoft prepares to discontinue support for some older versions of Windows 10 from next month. Version 1909 - currently only supported for Enterprise and Education customers - will lose all support on May 10, and support for version 20H2 will be discontinued for Home and Pro versions on the same date.

The 21H2 version of Windows 10 was already the most popular version of Windows 10 from last month, according to AdDuplex. It recently took the lead from version 21H1 of Windows 10, which dropped to third place behind Windows 11. The latest versions of Windows 10 have a relatively quick adoption. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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