9 May: End of support for the first Windows 10 and beta testers

Microsoft announced that support for the first version of Windows 10 will be completed in 9 May of 2017.

The company originally planned to stop supporting the first official release of Windows 10 on 26 March 2017, but it extended it to May 9.

Windows 10 uses a different support model from older versions of the operating system, such as Windows 7 or Windows 8.

In previous versions of Windows, the end date of support was always the end of operating system life. Running a service pack on an earlier version of Windows, like the latest SP released for Windows 7, signaled the beginning of the system support fee, especially if you chose not to install SP.

Microsoft has changed this particular model with the coming of Windows 10. Windows 10 support is determined by the current version used by businesses. Windows 10

Basically, there are three service options that Microsoft currently maintains:

Current Branch (CB) - for all versions of Windows 10.
Current Branch for Business (CBB) - only for professional versions of Windows 10.
Long-Term Support Branch (LTSB) - for long-term support, only for businesses

The main difference between the Current Branch and the Current Branch for Business is that the updates released for Devices with Current Branch are immediately made available to Current Branch for Business with a four-month delay.

The logic of this move protects businesses from any bugs we typically see with Microsoft updates and essentially makes the average Windows user a "beta tester."

Naturally no one can talk because the company actually silently distributes Windows 10 for free.

Of course, we notice a much quicker availability of Microsoft operating system updates thanks to the hundreds of thousands of Windows Insider subscribers who are testing beta builds and the millions of regular Windows users with some error in their devices is reported by telemetry to Microsoft developers.

The big winners are the ones who pay to have a stable operating system, that is business.

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